Creating a Repair Society

Policies, networks and people


CREACE is a FORMAS-funded project from 2019-2021. E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams globally. While Sweden is known as a frontrunner in recycling of e-waste, there is little known about the state of repair of these products and how to better climb the waste hierarchy by enabling repair before recycling. In this project, we research best practices in enabling repair of electronics and appliances, as well as remaining challenges, to suggest ways of moving towards a Repair Society in Sweden, as part of broader Circular Economy and Climate goals.

The project partners and advisors consist of research universities (Lund and Virginia Tech) as well as municipalities and municipal organisation (Lund and Avfall Sverige) and repair business actors (GIAB, El Kretsen, iFixit). The focus of empirical cases is on consumer electronics and appliances in the EU and U.S.