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March 2, 2021 | Sahra Svensson-Hoglund

Exploring Dimensions of Repair as a Matter of Time

Repair is often explored in the context of the infrastructure (e.g., supply of spare parts and repair expertise) and access (e.g., affordable price and ability to connect with repair expertise) that are available when a repair is needed (e.g. after the damage is done). However, these elements are only part of what determines the “ability to repair” something. By assuming a systems-perspective across the lifecycle of a product, it becomes clear that although the decision to repair-or-not-repair is fundamentally one that is made by the user, the factors that determine whether, and to what extent repair is even possible, are determined much earlier in the product’s lifecycle, while also being impacted in real-time by the conditions in the user-phase.
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image: John Towner
October 5, 2020 | Sahra Svensson-Hoglund

A vision for a Repair Society

Right to Repair is being promoted across the globe. But what is the end goal? We explore a vision for a repair society and how it can include the multiple dimensions of repair and engage relevant stakeholders.
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